The Lake District Sheepdog Experience

Our Dogs

Meet our wonderful sheepdogs


Fox - the red and white tri colour collie.

FOX is a red and white tri color rough coated dog. He, loves everyone and is a very  talented sheepdog ,. He was born in Ireland and we bought him at 7 weeks old. His dad won the International supreme sheepdog trials!. Fox was a very clever pup from the outset and was good to train. He is never happier than when working the sheep. Fox is still  busy competing at open sheepdog trials.... news  he is competing in the 2015  English National Sheepdog Trial Championships    as well as doing all this he works geese ,runner ducks,and he helps with the young dogs and sleeps by the fire at night  and is a lovely happy dog to have around,    more updates  fox  very nearly won the title again for top cumbrian sheepdog  coming second  on time , but  won the trophy for best two dogs him and Tess  so well done ,update fox just won the open sheepdog class at hornby sheepdog trial Aug 2014


  • June 2010 - Fox has just qualified for the English National Sheepdog trails!
  • Update - Fox has won the Cumbrian Champion sheepdog trophy 2010.
  •  News - Fox has now won EIGHT  championships, not just a pretty face!
  • 2011 News - 4 young dogs from Fox are trying for Search and Mountain Rescue work placement.
  • Update - BIG NEWS, Fox's daughter has just qualified for full Search and Rescue Dog Ambleside and Langdale.
  • May 2011 - Area, yet another daughter from Fox is now full Search and Rescue Dog in North Wales... name of clunie
  • June 2011 - Fox won the Alston Open Trial and Best  Driving dog ! too.        NEWS ..    2014 fox and Tess top 2 dogs TROPHY  WINNERS ,Cumberland championship trial keswick                           news   news may 2015 fox won open class  of 76 dogs Trawden spring sheepdog trials   more news on   fox, he  will be competing in the 2015 English national championships    . 2016 fox with tess won the  DOUBLE DOGS  BRACE class .   at alston trial this year ,  UPDATE FOX RETIED  FROM TRIALS NOW ,but still keeps his paws in by helping to fetch the sheep and work on our corporate duck herding events                                         



Mac, a 8 year old, Welsh bred boy (his mother was in the Welsh National Sheepdog Trials). He is an extremely popular dog, you will like Mac as he is such a good listener who takes very quiet commands. Mac has a very happy-go-lucky temperament. And very big on affection. Everyone wants to take him home with them, so don't ask as it's always no! .  . meet his daughter  raven



TESS   is a very gentle type of dog and is lovely to have around ,[ you can see a pup from her named raven further down the page ], she is a top class trial dog and has won or been highly placed in lots trials ,she likes the job to fetch the sheep for people doing sheepdog experience...  2014.. news Tess won clough head hill sheepdog trials this year . Tess along with fox  trophy winner top 2 dogs cumbrian championship .  she is doing very well ,!  tess back in the prizes again may 2015  was  2nd place open  great harwood ,  and this year won at lancaster open2016  ,news  and double dogs at alston 2016 brace  class



.raven is young and  very fast she is also an exciting prospect for future nursery trials ,she is spending her time now doing the sheepdog experience over the summer months .she is a  home bred daughter  from the lovely  mac and Tess  she ,has the sweet nature from them both , always looking for a cuddle ,we know you will love her the little pocket rocket of the family ... update  2016 aug , well she wasnt in nursery trials for long and got upgraded into the big open classes she was 4th anda few  6 th places ,.....  opens so far 


tri colour boy

 cap  a  friendy cheeky  5 year old, hes  black, tan and white  ,always  keen to work , hes  fast and you have to be quick to keep up with him ,but he is   a lovely dog,   we have been using Cap to teach our students some extra handling skills this year.... now its your turn  !Cap has a bit of a fan club going on now with his ex handlers



Rap is a beautiful    happy friendly  dog  5 years old ,black white hairy boy,  fast  an sharp   and one of the  Winning trial dogs,.. update 2018  3 times and three 4th places  in whitbeck open   trial.s SO FAR THIS YEAR ..



 Meet our  sweet girl BESSIE, and a fantastic worker ,she is at home on the hills and cumbrian fells  taking in sheep on a big gather , as she is on the sheepdog trial courses ,calm but quick  she will be setting the sheep up at the top of the field  on  sheepdog experience  sessions

Our latest youngsters in training


11 months

 DISNEY  or  dizzy as we now call her  is the new kid on the block.. she is helping us show you how we start the basics of training a young sheepdog  this will be a very informative experience for you to watch ,



This is Tippi ,  the youngest member of our family of border collie sheepdogs,you can see her mum raven her  grand dad mac and ,grand mum tess , in the photos above